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Eventon platform offers everything you need for a perfectly organised event. From an informative website to a ticketing system. Yes, we've taken care of everything.

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For all events

From huge festivals to free charity events. Our platform is flexible and adapts to the size and format of your event.

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Performances

  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations

  • Workouts
  • Sports events

  • Seminars
  • Training
  • Conferences

  • Charity events
  • Free events

  • Integration with external systems

Smooth participant registrations
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Pleasant and easy to use

To create an event on Eventon, you can fill in the registration form, and we will send you a login link by email.

That’s it! You can start creating your event on the Eventon platform right away.

Once logged in, you can easily create a dedicated page to present your event beautifully and clearly, providing all the necessary information to your audience.

Everything is taken care of. The ticketing system is also taken care of, from ticket creation to convenient and fast customer payments via e-banking.

You can view information about tickets already sold or reserved on the event dashboard. Simple and clear.

Eventon allows you to keep track of the progress of your event, the number of participants, and tickets sold.

All the information you need in one place. Simple and understandable.

See it "live"

Words can sometimes be hard to describe.

Try out all Eventon features. To make it easier for you to try out all Eventon features, we offer a live demonstration to show you how pleasant and easy it is to use the platform.

    Customer feedback

    Small talk ideasRūta
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    We only have positive memories of using the Eventon platform. The creation of our event page was effortless, and participant registration was smooth. Easily accessible statistical information after the event in various sections was important to us - and that's what we got. The verbal and written support provided by the platform developers was prompt and helpful, allowing us to continue our work. For our next event, we know who to contact – Eventon 🙂
    Lithuanian Medical AssociationLina
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    We were very satisfied with the Eventon platform. Communication with suppliers has been prompt, professional, and helpful. Ticket sales have proceeded without any issues. Next time, we will definitely choose the Eventon platform again. Good luck to you....
    National Association of Sanatoriums and Rehabilitation InstitutionsLina Nosevič
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    For several years now, our organisation has been utilising the platform for conference registration and event page creation - it's convenient, easy to manage and use.
    State Tax InspectorateDalia
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    We are pleased to have used the Eventon platform for the first year, as it is user-friendly and straightforward. It offers a range of options for event registration, and allows easy sending of newsletters and tracking of participant numbers. The survey questionnaires are intuitive, with customizable questions and answer options, and display response percentages as well as counts. The platform includes a calendar that displays all events.
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    "We are thrilled to have chosen Eventon as our event coordination platform confidently! It's a modern and user-friendly platform that allows us to customize and present our events in our own style to our clients."

    Designed for people

    Give your full attention to organising the event and posting content about it. Forget complex processes, domain purchases and website development work all done automatically on the Eventon platform


    We continuously engage with our customers to gather feedback on their expectations and experiences, and we work towards adding new and useful features to the platform

    Easy to use

    If you know how to write an email, you'll know how to use our platform. The effort will be minimal and the presentation and registration of the event will amaze and delight the participants

    Widely customisable

    It doesn't matter whether the event is attended by 5 people or 5,000 people. The Eventon platform adapts to the size of your event




    Ideal when the number of participants is small or difficult to predict

    • Event website development
    • Administration of payments
    • Application of discounts
    • Ticket scanning
    • Accounting administration
    • Participant surveys
    • Newsletter

    For free events

    from 49

    For those organising free events

    • Event website development
    • Ticket scanning
    • Participant surveys
    • Newsletter
    • Statistics


    from 249

    Ideal when the number of participants is large and easy to predict. Cheaper than the standard pay-per-ticket plan.

    • Event website development
    • Administration of payments
    • Application of discounts
    • Ticket scanning
    • Accounting administration
    • Participant surveys
    • Newsletter

    Take care of everything

    Registration and tickets

    • • Flexible registration system
    • • Customizable registration design
    • • Detailed seating planning
    • • Ticket scanning function


    • • Easy to create and customisable newsletter
    • • Sending post-event surveys
    • • Reminder to participants about the upcoming event

    Collection of payments

    • • By bank card, online banking and other convenient methods
    • • Creating and sending invoices
    • • Detailed payment statistics

    Full information management

    • • All the tools you need to create and manage events in one place
    • • Details about the participants
    • • Event feedback collection and many other features

    Discover all the possibilities

    We are pleased that the Eventon platform has so many features that it does not fit on one page. Discover them all.

    Any questions?

    Our team has all the answers. Email us. We will show you how a good event organised by you with Eventon will become even better.

      Good events will get even better

      We are pleased that the Eventon platform has so many features that it does not fit on one page. Discover them all.